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Bike Fit

Motor City Fit Services

No two people are alike. Even people with identical anatomy have different flexibility thresholds, cycling goals and backgrounds. A bicycle must be adjusted to meet your specific needs, rather than you adjusting to accommodate the bicycle. Poor fit leads to discomfort, risk of injury, bad technique and possible loss of interest in riding. 

At Motor City Bicycle, we prioritize bike fit above all else. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced racer, the ultimate goal of proper bike fit is comfort. Beyond comfort, a properly fit bike should provide maximum efficiency, power and safety. We pride ourselves in a properly fit bicycle, so take advantage and experience better cycling today. Please feel free to call any of our shops with any questions.

Precision Fit


  • Each Body Geometry Fit begins with a 25 step pre-fit assessment and utilizes the Retul motion capture system while dynamically adjusting the bike. Each fit is individualized to you and your goals to allow us to generate the best bio-mechanical position possible. This process takes between 2.5 to 3 hours.

Fit Consultation


  • This process includes a fit checkup or examination to help you determine basic sizing issues or to double check a fitment. While this is not a replacement for our precision fit process, it can be used as a starting point or for adjusting a second bike to your fit parameters and typically lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

Cleat Adjustment


  • A pedal and cleat adjustment, done dynamically on the trainer to set cleat position, saddle fore and aft, and saddle height to optimize the efficiency and fitment of your new pedals or shoes. This process takes between 20 to 30 minutes.

What is Body Geometry?

The Body Geometry Fit process is one that allows for a complete understanding of how you are built, any limitations, and your goals. This understanding allows us to adjust the bicycle to your intents and abilities rather than you adapting to the bicycle. This minimizes the risk of repetitive and position based injury while optimizing comfort and performance.

What is Retul?

Retul is a motion capture camera system that gives the fitter an extremely accurate view of what you are doing as you are riding. This allows the fitter to make adjustments to the bike and its fitment as well as better explaining the issues with your bike fit to you.

Who Needs a Bike Fit?

Anyone and everyone who wants to be more comfortable and more efficient on their bike. So whether you are a recreational rider or racing triathlon or mountain bikes, a fit can and will help you meet your goals.


All fits, with the exception of a sizing  with a new bike, must be scheduled beforehand. Call one of the shops today to speak with a fitter and schedule a fit.

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.